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March 2019

  • Me Da Mo Ase (Thank You Everyone)

    This month I have done a few things I have never done before. I have kept my small notebook with my paper mate flair to organize myself. As a welcome wagon for five new slicers, I have been able to record the dates of my comments in order to keep me on course. My word… Continue reading

  • Celebrating the Third Teacher

    After their student led conference, students in my class had a choice of activities to complete with their parents or present to them. As a non-participant of this event I was able to observe at the side. It was quite an assessment for me. I made myself busy marking Math papers, planning the next steps,… Continue reading

  • The Workmen

    I turned around and saw the most beautiful image. A sight that spelt commitment, reliance and hard work. I observed the gentlemen clad in their blue overalls at a distance, always present, available to keep our school compound clean and presentable. They appear after the rains, when meals are over, after the lawn is freshly… Continue reading

  • Before the Maker Faire

    Wednesday – 27th March Have you ever organized an event at school which got all the community excited for over three months? A few teachers at our school did just that. Weeks before our Maker Faire I received emails from parents asking about the schedule, whether they should only come and watch their children, whether… Continue reading

  • Chatting During Lunch

    I often have lunch by myself, beside the third grade students. During lunchtime yesterday, I was sitting staring into space, with lots of voices behind me, when a young third grader came to sit on the bench perpendicular to mine. She seemed worried with her palm cupped around her chin, I knew there was something… Continue reading

  • Grandma’s Chips

    Early this year, before my oldest son left for university , we went to visit Grandma A. I felt it necessary because I heard she was immobile so I knew we had to go and see her. I wanted her to meet my children, her grand children. She is my father in law’s brother’s wife.… Continue reading

  • Discovering A Bird Colony

    Slicing has made me look at my world differently. I am noticing beauty around me. I must say beauty in my eyes or beauty when I do not have the full story. On my leaving D, after a visit to his boarding school yesterday, I noticed trees in the distance that looked amazing. The trees… Continue reading

  • That Voice

    Yesterday I bumped into a number of people, passing by a gentleman, he recognized me immediately, I didn’t, but that voice. He just said, “Hello Juliette.” As soon as I looked his way, I knew exactly who he was, although I did not remember his name. It had been over forty years, our elementary school… Continue reading

  • Colors Represented

    When I assisted a weekly Art therapy class , many years ago, I learned about the connection between colors and emotions. On numerous occasions, the students chosen to attend the sessions chose to use dark colors to express negativity, pain or worry. They got to share the meaning of their particular art work with the… Continue reading

  • Dora’s Search

    The choir piped merrily around the organist. It all looked wrong in the small charismatic church, meeting in a room that could hardly hold fifty adults. In this room, they were packed like sardines, full, some stood and others sat to shouts of “Hallelujah!” and “Amen” throughout the praises. Dora appeared late, lost, looking for… Continue reading

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I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.