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The Coconut Seller

I am curious about the coconut seller hidden in the middle of nowhere. The first time I noticed him, he had a cart full of coconuts. As carts can be moved I knew he was only stationed under the tree at the edge of the forest, for the morning. Like an ice-cream man he would move the cart to sell his wares.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 6.17.23 AMA few months later, I spotted a table had been assembled, it was planted under the same tree, on stones to make it stable. The coconut business was expanding.

It has been a year or more now and the seller is settled, under the same tree, and has built himself a little shelter whilst the supply of coconuts has increased. Like my friend always explains,

“This is purely a case of demand and supply.”

That is why I am curious. Who stops their car to buy these fresh coconuts? I am asking this because the position of the stall is under the tree, right at the edge of the forest, beside a meandering road. Any form of life only happens opposite the cart…table…stall.

Across the road are some interesting story buildings. This area is residential so who buys the coconuts during the day? I never notice any cars stopping along the unsafe road. This is interesting as there seems to be a booming business, otherwise the cart would not have turned into an established mini mart with employees helping.

Maybe one day I will wait across the road for a little while and establish who the fans of the coconuts are.

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10 responses to “The Coconut Seller”

  1. Love the dedicated observations over time J. For what it’s worth, I’m a fan of coconuts. Also, Coconut Fans would make a great band name.

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  2. “Cart…table…stall”– I love what you did there, a brilliant little piece of craft.

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  3. I love this. First, you must live in a place that is tropical – which I so appreciate on this snowy day in NJ! Also, the observations over time help to build your post. I’d love for you to interview him and tell us more!

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  4. The coconut seller knows what he’s doing. Maybe there’s something in that forest that we don’t know about. This slice reminds me of all the people we are connected to even if they don’t know it. You have clearly been studying this one. It’s time to stop and chat.

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  5. I think I should as I have so many questions to ask him. Thanks


  6. Oh, please wait and watch and let us know what you observe. I’ve seen food trucks where no one would expect one to survive and wondered similar things.

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  7. Wonderful, humorous description of the growing establishment of the coconut seller! I love how you tell about it from a cart to a table to a shelter to “an established minimart with employees helping!” So funny.
    I wonder how your coconut seller would feel if he knew we were all thinking of him and talking about him, from all these different places?!

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  8. As a coconut fan myself, I especially love this piece. Your observations are exceptional! Maybe we should stop by for a coconut treat.

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  9. I agree with the pleas to watch for the day and report back. It also took me back to my semester in Costa Rica and some of the best treats of fresh sugar cane with pipa water straight from the field and tree. I hope this coconut seller is another slice from you later this month!

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  10. I am intrigued by your observations and hope that you will blog if you ever decide to stop by!

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