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March 2019

  • An Addition to The Morning Routine

    I am informed to add vitamin C to my daily dose of vitamins. I decided to go the natural way and make my own vitamin C rich juice. I had options, to buy oranges and squeeze every morning, which would add to my morning routine or to just buy tablets. I chose the former. Whilst… Continue reading

  • Letting Go

    Throughout the first semester, I have taken on creating and deciding on the contents of my class’s weekly Newsletter. After Spring Break I decided to give my fourth graders the opportunity to create and design the Newsletter. I was surprised by the enthusiasm of the group of ten or so students who volunteered to take… Continue reading

  • Two Roles

    I had planned the day perfectly and was hoping to achieve my goals set for the day.  P had started complaining about a pain on our drive to school. She seemed better when we got to school but I still took her to see the school nurse. She was sent to class until lunchtime when… Continue reading

  • An Interesting Discovery

    We had to walk over twigs and mounds of sand down the worn path to get to the area where B was being buried. It was rather solemn. Some of us had quiet tears in our eyes. Why did he have to leave us so early? In our sorrow we sang a couple of hymns,… Continue reading

  • The Revealing Ride

    Our drive to Larteh revealed attractive views. A very hilly area, we drove along windy roads that exposed many heartwarming sites. We could not stop showing our appreciation for nature. “The vegetation is really lush.” “It must rain here often.” “I could live here.” G continued to take photos snapping as if she was going… Continue reading

  • The Lonely Pot

    “I have never noticed this plant before.” I mentioned to my colleagues. There it stood a lonely potted plant growing interestingly, set against the classroom wall. The ends of It’s branches scattered daintily with bright orange flowers possessing layered petals that don a yellow interior. The flowers looked as if they would fall at the… Continue reading

  • A Different Lesson

    We decided to celebrate a departure and were sent packets of colorful balloons. Most children, no matter what their age is, get extremely excited when they see balloons, especially when they have to blow them. Attempting to blow the balloons the students spoke; R  – How big should mine be? B  – This is my… Continue reading

  • Steps

    They took alternate, identical steps, walking away from us, reassuringly. Their friendship brewed over time. I had gently encouraged and worked on building these friendships to help Don (a made up name) come out of his shell. That visit left me truly elated. In the past Don was not interested. An introvert on most occasions,… Continue reading

  • Voices

    On our first day back at school, from our Spring break, there were many stories, adventures, experiences and sightings to be shared. During our morning meeting, we decided to talk and listen. Students found a partner and had ten minutes to talk- talk about the Spring break. They alternated, one talks the other listens and… Continue reading

  • Having A Plan

    I read about the comment challenge and decided to join it. It took me forever to find Lanny’s post. After an email and a short wait, I opened the post and realized we were to comment on sixty posts. “How was I going to do this?” I worried. Fortunately, I came up with a plan,… Continue reading

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I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.