Words are Gifts

April 2019

  • Her First Date

    I clearly remember P’s fifth grade presentation with a new girl. I took photos. Friendships formed. My daughter and her friend B impressed me, their History presentation was seamless, they had obviously worked well together. This was over a year ago, now middle schoolers their world seemed to have changed. P was invited for B’s… Continue reading

  • The Petting Zoo

    Walking towards the petting zoo, there were smells of dung. We knew we were almost there and had a choice of jumping down the short wall or walking on the man-made pavements to the many thatched roofed huts we could see ahead of us. That is where the tropical animals resided. Somewhere in the rainforest… Continue reading

  • Clouds – a poem

    “The clouds are moving,” my student announced. “I am sure the birds can see the clouds are moving faster today,” another student shared. “I rarely look up,” I admitted. You often learn something when you look at the world from a child’s point of view. I wrote a poem about the experience. CLOUDS  They drift… Continue reading

  • Patience

    I have been thinking about patience and how it can aid achievement. Working on a piece of craft, I have pondered how it’s creation requires persistence and perseverance. I introduced weaving to my fourth graders, this school year and only found two students interested. I thought more hands would help complete it swiftly, but the… Continue reading

  • Thoughts

    Our (fourth graders’) field trip to an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that provides parks for children and is an advocate for play, the arts and learning through play, today set me thinking deeply about giving back. We visited them on their extensive private park in the suburb of Accra, where nature is celebrated. Large trees, plants,… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.