Words are Gifts

June 2019

  • Chaos and Order

    One of the trips I look forward to during my school holiday is the visit to Makola market, the biggest market in the Accra. I sometimes wonder why I am enthused by the chaos and serious titillations of that crowded space. I guess in all this there is a great sense of order which drives… Continue reading

  • Parting

    Working at an International school has many pros and cons. Every summer the farewells can be draining. The feelings begin early as students and teachers share their plans to move on. Move to greener pastures, to experience something or somewhere different. Students’ families may move because they are at the end of their contracts or… Continue reading

  • This Time is Mine

    Weeks before the end of school, I wrote lists: my to-dos, to read, to write, to call. I had a pile of novels ready to read and professional books to digest. Then I remembered my planned holiday. I have been looking forward to this break just like the previous year, I got to study, rest,… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.