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Another Journey

One of the benefits of my past writing experience is the ability to look intently and intentionally during the day, using my senses and noticing more than I normally would. Seeing beauty and meaning around me, whilst making everything noteworthy.

Most of the time, I walk about without drawing deeply from my environment. This writing journey takes me there. Since I joined the challenge, I have been inspired to search around for stories, creating in me an engagement and passion with possibilities.

However, this week, in preparation for the ride, I have been clad with deep thinking, planning, drawing from what I have written about in the past, experiences and more thinking. 

This got me nowhere.

Here I am, on the first day with no plan in sight, except, deep thoughts and questions.

“Should I have a daily theme?”  

“Could it be a poem and a reflection?’ 

“Should I write parts of the story I am developing?”

I struggle with these thoughts. Then I tell myself exactly what I will be doing. Generating pieces from parts of my daily experiences and creating a picture of what happens in these quarters.

Hopefully, the excitement of holding the pen again and travelling daily will reveal a lot more.


12 responses to “Another Journey”

  1. I know exactly what you are saying!

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  2. “Here I am, on the first day with no plan in sight, except, deep thoughts and questions.”

    This is OK, really, and I think anyone hoping to do Slice of Life is going through this … I have been doing SOL since the start and each year, I am facing the same questions as you — so, you know, we go through it together. It takes practice to remember to “notice” and not just move through the world, and it takes patience to look for the small moments that might ripple out with larger reverberations.

    Good luck

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  3. I am thinking: how much planning is too much? I captured a lot of ideas for posts but I want to be open to what each day brings, much as you said here. The thing I related to the most in your post is the noticing, living more deeply each day. Yes. That’s exactly what writing does for us. When we let it.

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  4. J, you have taught me the value in slowing down. I’m confident there will be enough in and around you to come up with brilliant slices. Can’t wait to read more, ayekooo!

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  5. I can relate to what you are saying. I believe your words echo with many of us. Noticing, letting the slices unravel, we will write daily in March.

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  6. This makes me feel better. I have no plan and I had a bit of panic. This is a nice reminder that the moments and ideas will come. Thank you.

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  7. As others have already said, I hear you and feel like many of us are in that same boat. When you tell us “Here I am, on the first day with no plan in sight, except, deep thoughts and questions” that tells me that your well is full, you just won’t know in advance exactly what you may draw up in your bucket each day!

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  8. I like your idea of traveling with the pen. It is a journey, and when we travel we tend to notice more, as we hope to do this March! I agree. And I look forward to continuing to read your writing this year.

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  9. I woke up with no plan too and had a couple of moments of panic. Can I really do this? But we can, and we are. One thing I like about slicing is how varied it can be. Lists, poems, daily themes, part of a story… it can all work! I am looking forward to the daily discipline of noticing more–what you so beautifully call “drawing deeply from my environment.” Yes.

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  10. I love the idea of traveling throughout your day with pen in hand! It is amazing how many small moments surround us when we pay attention and notice them.

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  11. You are my inspiration , Ms J! The little things in life with just a closer look are meaningful enough to make them worth writing about. One day at a time, we shall surely get there,

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  12. I am finally catching up now…I can see that you have no writers block yet. I look forward to visiting your “quarters” all month.

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