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Sweet or Sour

I sliced it carefully and laid it sideways on the plastic cutting board. I took wedges off the core and peeled the skin off carefully. It was just as I like them, not too ripe and a bit crunchy. They are quite deceptive. They seem very green on the outside, so you’d think they are unripe.

I took a chance today. Squeezed it a little and told myself it doesn’t really matter whether it is soft or unripe, I just needed my daily dose of fruit.

A smoothie would have been refreshing too, but I had that yesterday. So today, I cut it into thin slices, until I got close to the core when I could just have left some juicy bits on it. I always tell myself, what a waste that is. As I am at home today, I can clean the core in my local way, enjoying all the juicy bits.

I enjoy the seasonal fruits and make it a point to have a couple of them daily. On my adventurous days, I create some interesting mixtures of smoothies that sometimes end up sour but other times, quite sweet. The mango I had today was succulent, giving me the much needed vitamins.


5 responses to “Sweet or Sour”

  1. After reading your post, I found myself searching for a blender and some fruits. As always, you do a wonderful job with descriptions.

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  2. I love mangoes, but find them so difficult to cut up! I even bought one of those mango slicers, but I must not do it right, because I always end up with a mess! A delicious mess, though!

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  3. There is nothing like fresh fruit. We bought some grapes today – plump…sweet…juicy…and delicious.


  4. Go man go! Love this, your descriptive phrasing had me guessing which fruit it was – don’t waste the juicy bits! 🙂

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  5. There is something delightful about a really. Good. Mango.

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