Words are Gifts


Students- chuckling

Teeth- glistening

Hands- waving

Faces- beaming

Voices- squealing

Noses- shining

Members- zooming

This is what I am expecting for our first Zoom meeting with the students.

Thanks to Margaret for your video of the reading of her poem in Bayou Song. I am actually going to inspire my students to create these poems as one of our online activities. Thanks for sharing this poetic inspiration Lanny and to Margaret for the use of your poetic style and video.



5 responses to “Zoom”

  1. Love the format of the poem you shared and your excitement about your first Zoom meeting with students! Seeing the positive of this virtual learning environment is so heart-warming.

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  2. Ah, thanks for writing to my prompt. I love this! I just had a yoga class on Zoom. Good luck with your students. Sounds like fun!

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  3. What a great visual you provide. I love this and will have to try a poem using this structure. Thanks!

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  4. I, too, love Margaret’s poem format and how you incorporated it in your slice. Best of luck zooming. Keep us posted on how it goes.

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  5. You’re painting a picture here Juliette. I really wish we were together to plan Distance Learning, I know you and the team are going to bring the kids some gems. Email me if you want to chat about it! Zoom zoom zoom! 🙂

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