Pressing On For Me

I push me

I encourage me

I tell me

That I have to do it

I have to change me

By doing some things

I would never do

But this is the time

To drag me

To convince me

Into achieving

New and exciting


I would have never done

for me.


This just came to me as I peeked into my 4th Graders’ poetry Padlet.

Can I call this a dream?

In bed last night, I tossed and turned. I remember clearly what I saw. My planner for today and what I had to teach my small math groups, online. 

Interestingly, from what I remember,  I may already have been teaching as I had students asking me clarifying questions. I am sure I drifted in and out of my supposed deep sleep because I kept convincing myself to wake up and write it all down, otherwise I’d forget what was going on. I wish I had because I seem to have been actually drafting my slice in my sleep. It sounded like poetry as there was some repetition and short lines, I felt it sounded really good but like a whiff of smoke, it drifted away. This does not happen to me often, but I am glad I remember parts of it. 

My lessons today are going quite well, but I remember my dream or thoughts at night and wonder why I took those thoughts to bed with me. Could I have been excited or anxious? We have introduced a new schedule so could that have been the reason?

I really should have woken up and written what I was thinking down. It would have been much clearer and recorded my train of thought. Perhaps that would have helped explain this dream.


Easter Fun

Never before

has Easter been so sad

Never before

have we missed wearing

black for Friday mass

white for Sunday fuss

all the hunting



our Easter Fun.


I had to quickly write a sample poem for my fourth graders. This is what I crafted.