Words are Gifts

July 2020

  • The Journey to Times Square

    E is so relaxed these days and has her day organized to suit her. I tell her to write down her daily schedule so she has a balance but she always tells me, “Mum I know what I am doing.” A teenager in control, I guess! I leave her to organize her day. E loves… Continue reading

  • Birthdays These Days

    We chose to take a local walk on Wednesday, last week. Mattie and I experienced an interesting scene. On the pavement, not too far from my house, on our broad road, more like a boulevard, stood the birthday boy who had donned an all white outfit, a boubou and trousers, as we do on important… Continue reading

  • Green

    I see green all around me. This is because as my brother rightly put it, yesterday being my daughter’s birthday, we had a ‘party in paradise’.  A handful of us, it was just green. Covid 19 birthed the green fingered entrepreneur in my sister Ros. Stepping into Mama’s footsteps, Ros has created this paradise at… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.