One Halo Here


I’ve never seen anything like this.

Through the lens of the camera,

 I saw it, squinting

As the bright rays of the sun 

shot straight at my face.

I continued regardless, squinting

Someone had called my son

They had all seen the rare find

How did they know it was there?

Something so camouflaged that can be seen

only when a photograph is taken.


Everybody saw it

Interestingly they all took photographs of it.

Mine was a struggle as I was seeking perfection

A full circle

I had to take many shots of it.


So many questions were asked

I shared it with friends and was truly excited

I was hoping I would receive answers

Perhaps someone would figure out what this is.

Some called it an eclipse others said it was a halo.


The beautiful multi-coloured ring around the sun

Was just enchanting. 

The struggle to capture it was worth all the effort

The claim is that it was caused by thin clouds

Tiny crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere creates this

I am left with more questions than I started with

When will this appear again?

How will we know it is there?


Veiled by the cloud but caused by them

The clouds formed the halo as 

Particles of tiny ice crystals

Swept across the sun

The two Rs caused this;

Reflection and Refraction

Another Science lesson to be had.


New Everything

Almost forty students appeared on the screen, as soon as the waiting room was opened. Totally different from nervous students walking into a classroom. Excited, bubbly- looking, expectant students with smiles on their faces showed up for their first day at school. This time, the teachers were anxious, it seemed funny but that is how we felt.

I called it a roller coaster day, one that swept us up, down and everywhere. Soon after one lesson, there was another, no time to breathe, still online, expecting some good work, just like ‘real’ school.

When another teacher popped into my  Writing lesson it was just great, supportive and calming. I felt reassured as she observed a student not engaging and pointed it out to me. I suggested she confer with the student in the breakout room,  whilst I carried on with the whole class, that helped.

The lessons were interactive and Ms. A’s videos were the icing on the cake. So perfect, reiterating what was being taught.

This was a short day but seemed extremely long and tedious, I guess it is because there were many parts that were new. New format, new students, new parents and colleagues, new schedule and new role/title.  Overwhelming, if you ask me, but teachers can be resilient, this time a little unnerving with the added virtual teaching.

The nice surprise was my guest. Our principal popping in, she mentioned how smooth the lesson was, that was the fruit on the cake, this time.

Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 10.47.59 PM.png


Welcome Crow

Welcome crow,

You are back again.

Your piercing caw disturbs me whilst I attend my Zoom meetings.

Are you with your friends?

The cawing sounds louder and closer.  There must be something on the mango tree that keeps inviting you. I am tempted to shut my window but that will block the light breeze.

How can I let you know you are disturbing?

When are you going to stop cawing?

I am considering moving my cluttered desk to a different spot in the house.

Hmmm, I am reluctant to do that though, maybe I will just shut the window and leave you to enjoy your space.

My Thoughts

This may be the beginning of my research about crows. Since COVID 19, I’ve been hearing many more crows, their screeches have become regular. I have many questions and believe my search for answers will lead me to a whole new world of  tropical birds .I am not sure if I am ready for that.

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The warmth of the past

Refreshed in a way only 

You can experience here

in this space.


Not exactly memories

But an inexplicable peace

That surrounds you

With the sights and sounds

Of the past you behold.


Only you can drift into

That space

Where the beauty and

enjoyment of now is held.


Life can be beautiful when the past merges with ‘that’ now. The feeling you capture that you do not want to let go, but stretch till the day comes to an abrupt end when you revere that space.

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Home and Away

Through my teaching resource research, I discover many treasures, one of the best is Window Swap. Watching the videos transported me all around the world and back. I am an inquisitive learner,  an inquirer and this was really inspiring. I just love searching and finding. That is what I always want to wake up to, different challenges to my learning exploration that helps me thrive. This one was new and fresh, just like the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, filling my life and occupying that gap.   

Allowing a person to stay at one place whilst enjoying a different  environment. There really is something extraordinary in the exploratory feeling. Especially knowing that some places are similar to where you but still makes your environment still appealing. It actually reaffirms my love for where I am and entices me to be elsewhere at the same time. The push and pull of our lives.

Even the sounds I heard on the Window-Swap, were either captivating and reassuring or inviting and reminiscing. What also moved me is the domination of nature, beauty that has no bounds. This also applies to the other places not so close to home, but close enough to drive to. 

Where I am in Ghana, that would be the beaches. It is obvious we do not take enough advantage of the expanse of our beaches. The serenity it draws and the wonder of the whole environment. I am always stunned by the sea, shores, different creatures, shells, sand, the smells ,the saltiness of the sea and the breeze.

We live in a wonderful world.

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