Words are Gifts

March 2021

  • From a Grateful Writer

    Every year I get braver and more courageous with my words and stance as a writer. I’ve learned a lot from my many mentors here. I also have a long list of different moves as my ‘go to’ on a ‘dry’ day. Where did this month go? It flew by without us noticing. Is it… Continue reading

  • The Rainy Season is Here

    During the rainy season all the plants bloom, become lush as one’s garden tends to look like a tropical forest. My visit to R’s garden yesterday was another delight. Every visit unearth’s gifts. Plants that I have not particularly noticed before. I have the pleasure of enjoying the plants and leaving them there. It reminds… Continue reading

  • School Day

    I am trying out different forms of poetry, so today I wrote a Tercet, on a Monday that feels like Friday. Monday so trying Eyes of teachers prying What will we achieve by striving? In future I can add more stanzas to this Tercet. Continue reading

  • Loudly

    Loudly the putter of rain changed the atmosphere both inside and out Loudly the din of rain made me move rushing outside to the lines Loudly he shouted to remind me of the laundry hanging outside soaking the large drops of tropical rain Loudly I yelled back to confirm I was on my way to… Continue reading

  • Students: Problem Solvers

    During a lesson this week, we encouraged students to help us with a new technology tool we knew would help us publish and celebrate the end of our unit. What transpired motivated students and gave them so much ownership. At the end of the day, when we asked what the best part of their day… Continue reading

  • Curly Locks

    What does curly make me think about? Hair. Well if I am to call my locks curly that would really be interesting, but I just do. My hair is tightly curled and ends up being thick and unmanageable. The thought of running a comb through it used to put me right off. I sometimes tell… Continue reading

  • Notebook Celebration

    This evening’s celebration is because of a considerable feat: the last leaf of my very first ‘official’ Notebook. This has been an enjoyable ride till Day 79 of my ‘100 days of Note booking.’ Some days, I felt really empty and other days I was rather full. Full of words, ideas and innuendos. I owe… Continue reading

  • Work and Rain

    My prompt for day nine was to use these words ; birch, salt, drip and wing for a scene. What I loved about the ten day challenge was the time limit, to write. #10mins10days Large tears of rain suddenly started falling, we knew it would rain when the skies had darkened from a distance and… Continue reading

  • My First Etheree: Zoom

    My first etheree had to be simple. Interestingly, I noticed it sort of made sense reading it in reverse. Zoom It is Engaging Can be draining When you have worked hard In the morning with them Instructing, interacting On Wednesdays when we are all here Joining break-out rooms expecting them To participate in conversations Continue reading

  • My Weekend in Five sentences

    Who ever thought that a teacher’s work starts and ends in the school building? Of course, this weekend was packed with work, I had a tall list to tackle. On Saturday, my PD on Zoom was exceptional, I am loaded with tools and strategies to attack my planning and teaching of writing. I came up… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.