Curly Locks

What does curly make me think about? Hair.

Well if I am to call my locks curly that would really be interesting, but I just do. My hair is tightly curled and ends up being thick and unmanageable. The thought of running a comb through it used to put me right off.

I sometimes tell my friends my hair is like a carpet: tightly woven, taut and dense. I so love my natural hair now, untouched and full of love.

When we were in our early twenties we straightened those curls which made the kinky turn silky. It was rather easy to comb and style. It harmed the natural beauty I know, as the hair line got brittle and sometimes shed like leaves.

As the years went by and the chemicals had done their damage we donned shorter hairstyles, that was the trend. We still styled, artificially curled and dabbed it with different creams.

I will not exchange my fifties natural curls now. Untouched, dotted with grey and softened by my daily pat of shea butter and natural oils!


7 thoughts on “Curly Locks

  1. It took me decades to appreciate and accept my curls…so long, in fact, my curls had already started their transition to gray. Now that I have barely a brown lock left, I love my curls. Shea butter, coconut oil and total independence from combs, brushes, and products has been what works for me!

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  2. Embracing my curls, like you and Amy, was one of the best things I have done. Yes, I still blow my hair out from time to time (like nowadays when I’m long overdue for a haircut), but I prefer for my hair to be curly. Why try to change something that’s actually a gift?

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  3. This line, “I so love my natural hair now, untouched and full of love.” with maturity. I promise you have written a Slice from my life. Hair!! Oh, the stuff we used to put in our hair. Now, I, like you, love my natural hair.

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