Words are Gifts

March 2021

  • End of the Vacation

    Saying goodbye is one of the most difficult things to do. Especially when you are not sure when you will meet again. This week I bid farewell to my oldest son. I should not complain as we had him stay longer after his Christmas vacation. I should say ‘fortunately’ as the one month vacation turned… Continue reading

  • Serenity

    I am missing the serenity of the beach. I met this word in the late 1990s when a colleague shared the serenity prayer with me. I have always thought of that prayer, especially as I have lost touch with him. The prayer he gave me was published on a tiny card. I kept this card… Continue reading

  • A Forest in the City

    Since we moved to our new Elementary school storey building, I have noticed something, I had never appreciated in the past. Being on the third floor and looking down at my world, I notice many tufts of dark green: tropical trees with, “afro hair.” Trees full of foliage donning dark green healthy leaves, “bushy fros.”… Continue reading

  • This Morning

    I am: Suffering because of the weight of possibilities Satisfied as I believe I can seek support Avoiding any negative thoughts or doubts Tired although I know I can give off my best Hungry and looking forward to a healthy breakfast Grateful for the numerous opportunities Concerned about the detail required Ready to face my… Continue reading

  • An Ode to My Backpack

    A true blessing You have come to save me From trudging all my belongings daily to and fro and now  up and down  the steep stairs A true blessing You take the weight  off me, it now feels as light as a feather as if  nothing lives there This makes me  understand why My African… Continue reading

  • Rising to the Occasion

    Today is 64 years since Ghana gained independence. In celebration of the anniversary, I chose to read a book connected to Ghana to my Saturday reading group. I tried to find a children’s story to read to the group of local children and could not find an appropriate one.This made me spend all my free… Continue reading

  • Silence

    Sometimes we want to be alone To swim in the sea of peace No sound, tranquility Only the hum of whatever is humming Sometimes we want silence Quietness that allows you to think To search for your own meaning and the Understanding of the world Sometimes there is too much Noise around us It does… Continue reading

  • Mangoes in Season

    Driving through the university campus, close to the ticket booth, I noticed these green, unripe mangoes. They were hanging very low and left by pedestrians to ripen on the tree. I spotted the potential, juicy fruits hanging on the tree, a few days ago and was tempted to take a photograph of them. I guess… Continue reading

  • A Packed Day

    The school day started quite well. I thought I was settled in my ‘office space’ in our grade level hub, which I had created from the new classroom furniture. My belongings moved with me to this space in a trolley, thoughtfully partitioned to house a teacher’s different needs. On Wednesdays students learn online and most… Continue reading

  • The Hall

    This slice is about a memory that I want to hold onto, one that reminds me of some of the pre – Covid era, at school. There are occasions when you visit places that just spark distinct memories for you. We’ve been supervising our few students at school in our Multipurpose hall. One morning, on… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.