A Reminder

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected.” #teacherlife

I chanced upon this quote on Instagram today. It spoke to me. It reminded me of how I should consciously seek out all students, regularly looking for gems in their sharing or work. I made sure I recognized and encouraged students today and this worked like magic.

The students I spoke to, commended and encouraged suddenly sparked and crawled out of their shells, joining the class in discussions, calling me for feedback, asking questions and being active members of the teaching and learning.

Sometimes we need these reminders, even though we may already be using different strategies to involve all students. This quote is essential especially when you have many lively class members who are always energized during lessons.

In the Morn

When all is solemn and quiet

The sky darkens in the morn

They fly and sing as a duet

When all is solemn and quiet

They rise to seek their diet

Where nature is born

When all is solemn and quiet

The sky darkens in the morn

My first triolet. I found an example in the book, A Kick in the Head, an eight-line poem with a rhyme scheme abaaabab, and some repeating lines. In the rainy season, some mornings meet us with dark skies, but still the morning birds sing to lighten the atmosphere. These scenes draw us close to nature.

An Unplanned Visit

The unplanned visits are the best, I thought, as our guests were leaving.

I was thinking about the anxiety in preparing for guests. The long list of dishes. Checking that the place is “spick and span”. Getting out the best crockery, cutlery and glasses. The dishes planned, ingredients purchased, time set for preparing and cooking, then the wait.

‘Are they coming on time? When will they get here?’

‘Is the room temperature okay: open windows or air conditioner?’

‘Will there be enough seats: should we bring in some more?’

I guess these days all’s changed and most planned visits have a wait.

Last night our friends from Arizona popped in to say, ‘hello and goodbye’ They had travelled to Ghana for a different purpose and would not leave without seeing us. Masked up, they arrived around dinner time . I quickly put together a “Tapas-like” meal for us.

Our last supper perhaps, as they leave this evening. It was a short visit, our friends, their friends from down our road joined us at the tail end of the visit. There were many clicks, appreciating the brief visit and excited as we had not seen each other for many years. The clicks stored the memories, there was no stress, everyone was delighted.