A Birthday Snap

When P has an invitation these days it’s everybody’s issue. We have to listen, she knows she has to get us involved in the dropping and picking up, so the announcement happens early.

P my ninth grader’s life is different now she is in boarding school, so are her friendships. I remember writing about her first date a couple of years ago.

I had that deja vu this morning so I thought to go back and read that slice and compare her first date to this outing.

This time, P’s male classmate was celebrating his birthday and was allowed to invite a few of his friends out for a meal. P went through the trying on of outfits. She settled on a quaint, floral dress very quickly, but the shoes! She went through her high heels, mum’s high slip ons and the flat mustard sandals (which did not match with her tiny yellow bag that was definitely going).

Dad was dropping her at the restaurant and picking her up afterwards. She arranged it all.

P had settled on her flat black sandals which was not one of her earlier choices. When she was all dressed and masked up, I asked for a photograph to be taken by the Christmas tree, but she run off.

She came back home excited! This time, not a word was shared about this exclusive birthday celebration.

I asked inquisitively,” Did you take any photos?”

“Hmmm yes Mum, no actually they were just snaps.” she knew she had lost me there.

“Can I see them?”

“Why Mum?” she muttered.

“I just want to see your friends and the restaurant.”

“Ok, I’ll see what I can do,” she promised.

I’m still waiting and I’ve been told snaps have a time limit. What a difference a couple of years make in a child’s life. I really miss the first date when I was more involved and P chatted all the way home about the restaurant experience.

Life -Long Friends

I wonder why

these friendships

seem like a dream

a welcome dream

that stretches far

beyond the sleep

The inner joy

they emanate

just like ripples

in the sea

they reach out

further into the horizon

Time- long gone

But the ripples go

beyond our imagination

so soothing and enchanting

These friendships, I’ve caught

Are more precious than gold.

My dear friend came to visit.

We first met in 1978, parted in 1983, reunited in 1986, reconnected in 2013 and now we meet again in 2021.

Good friendships never fade.

There is so much yardage between us, yards of memory, experiences and stories. Although some slightly faded, the rags left are still very special. With everything happening around us, these rendez-vous are even more special.

One of the blessings of life; good friendships.