Words are Gifts

March 2022

  • Growing like Plants

    My weekly visits to R’s garden reveal many new surprises. It really is fascinating the way plants change as they grow. New additions are brought in weekly, so no part of the garden ever stays the same. My annual March Slice of life, daily writing is no different. I am amazed by what I learn,… Continue reading

  • Our Walk

    A bamboo tree greets us through the alleys that wind around the attractive bungalows guiding the route for our cause. Thank you Britt and Heather for this twenty word format. Continue reading

  • Letter to my Writers

    Dear Writers, I appreciate how well you’ve been working on your essays. I know it has not been straightforward but I can see you are all working very hard to achieve a persuasive claim. Tomorrow, you will be working on your body paragraphs, and as you have already decided on the reasons to support your… Continue reading

  • Revision

    I’ve been sitting here contemplating on what to write for my slice today. I started a slice about my revision lesson during writing workshop and gave it up as I did not think there was much to report. When I started typing I realised I could share about the uneasiness of my students, as they… Continue reading

  • A Local Play

    I went to watch a local play with friends last night. This morning, I retold the whole storyline, with its themes and controversies to my sister. The play had several messages, linked to current affairs, the playwright, director always delivers with less than ten actors, also uses snippets of global incidents to connect with the… Continue reading

  • My First!

    Thanks so much Leigh Anne, for the invitation to this year’s slicer writing retreat. This will be my very first writing retreat. I have been craving one since I started writing seriously. My first slicer party and my first ever writing retreat. And now here we are, “in a cabin tucked away in a world… Continue reading

  • Here I go again!

    I really like this weekly reflection format, from Erica’s blog. 5 things that made me smile A conversation with a student Meeting parents face to face, at school Discovering new information from my book Students naming our special class plant (in my class) Jokes at our team meeting 4 words to describe my week Enlightening… Continue reading

  • Time to Write

    I have a few stories lined up, ready to be drafted properly and rewritten. Like a tortoise I am writing and inching towards a manuscript or two. Whenever I have time to write many other writing pieces pull me. I actually have a schedule for writing my stories and interestingly other pieces seem to have… Continue reading

  • A Useful Resource

    How timely it is when you are teaching a topic, and find out about an issue on the news that teaches exactly what you are trying to share with students. Our unit of inquiry at the moment is about innovation. On the news this week, I found out about the winner of an Architecture’s highest… Continue reading

  • That Morning Breeze

    Warm breeze Brushes my face Like a full feather Satisfying Completely needed Here In this warm climate. Covers you like an aura of mystery, A never ending spray of freshness, Hits your ears as if whispering sweet nothings to you. Keeps sharing that freshness seemingly cool in this much needed space, filling the vehicle with… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.