Words are Gifts

March 2022

  • My Collection of New Words

    As I read slices this month, I’m collecting many words. Some of the words are totally new to me, others I have encountered once or twice and never attempted to use. As well as finding the definition of each of the words, I’m thinking about different ways I can incorporate the appropriate word in my… Continue reading

  • Book Club Galore

    Preparing for the book clubs that fill my life, I keep thinking how different they are. I will share them briefly. Book Club 1: A professional group, this is a slow read, two chapters at a time and with many months interval, before the next meeting. Gives us time to percolate and apply the discussion… Continue reading

  • This Woman

    I write from my observation of a ‘typical‘ Ghanaian market woman. As it was International Women’s day recently, I want to celebrate this very hard working woman. I am always in awe of the hardworking Ghanaian market women especially with the zeal and skill in which they take on different roles, juggle them, and keep… Continue reading

  • Tropical Fruit Salad

    Here There Who’s there? That cool breeze Welcome to the rain Mangoes, paw-paws, watermelons The rainy season brings them all to our fruit salad I wrote my first Fib poem with my Teach Write writing party. Here’s part of the instruction we used to create our poems. “Fib poems are based on the mathematical Fibonacci… Continue reading

  • The Time I Needed

    My early morning weekday drop off to T was always emotional. Wrapped in a tiny hooded cardigan with another layer of soft blankets, on the windy weekday mornings. I was always very teary, I could not look back after handing him over. I could not stand leaving his three month old self with my good… Continue reading

  • My Blue T-Shirt

    My slice today is a reply to Comfy Clothing. The slice reminded me of my ‘faithful’ blue T-shirt. My blue T-shirt started it’s life at a factory somewhere in Asia, a well finished, good quality cotton T-shirt found it’s way to A’s mini-factory. Where they (all sizes) were personalized for our dear friend N’s party… Continue reading

  • Tuesday’s End

    Tuesday’s school day ended with a group of students volunteering to read a selection of “Poems for Mindfulness” from my ‘book of the moment’, My Thoughts Are Clouds by Georgia Heard. At the end of a hectic day, when Tuesday felt like Friday and students were bustling about, we replaced the Read Aloud of our… Continue reading

  • Lunchtime

    Stepping out clumsily towards the line Walking briskly with friends Stamping heavily to the playground Jumping happily as the ball bounced Running hastily with a lunch bag in hand Stepping boldly after the meal Strolling casually as her friend waits Galloping excitedly to the four-square game Dodging carefully as the ball is thrown Standing alertly… Continue reading

  • Sunday

    As I rise on this day Wondering how the Week will begin In two minds Still needing rest But rest interrupted Mind wonders ahead What’s the week ahead holding? Good times or bad Pinching myself Hold positive thoughts Days will come and go As always, the week will Work itself out My role is, only… Continue reading

  • A few of my favorite things…

    As I am home alone this weekend I have been thinking about some of the things enjoy doing. Here are a few of my favorite things; Reading– I love a particular genre, realistic fiction is my go to, I am sometimes drawn to memoirs. I stray a little but that’s okay. I just have to… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.