The Old Cupboard Key

Rusty, old cupboard key

Opens where memories are kept

Mama’s dusty jewels

Packed in tiny boxes

Tiny, old cupboard key

Holds many treasures

treasures collected for years

Mama’s dusty jewels

Packed in tiny boxes

Twisted, old cupboard key

Leads us to many stories

to those jewels, gold and silver

Mama’s dusty jewels

Packed in tiny boxes

Lonely cupboard key

held by a metal ring

that leads us to

Mama’s dusty jewels

Packed in tiny boxes.

At Teach Write Academy, we were honored to have an online experience of poetry with Kate Moore, using a few activities from her book Alphapoetica. This is a poem I crafted from the word KEY!

That cupboard in my parents room held many treasures. I wrote this with a structure I felt would work.

That Spark

I listened to a webinar that completely helped me rethink my story. This short story I crafted in 2020, but felt there was something else it needed to achieve that spark. What I heard was useful and relevant, the kind that interestingly felt like feedback on the work I had done so far.

It made me acknowledge the benefit of feedback and also how being a writer can influence the way I teach and provide feedback to my students.

The webinar has sent me off in a very productive direction. More like a critique partner it has me back on the drawing board, revising and tweaking my story in a way that will be accessible to a wider audience.