Words are Gifts


  • She Made It

    She arrived yesterday. This time we drove to her own apartment. A few years ago she came home and decided this is where she’d retire. We all convinced her it would be a great idea to have her own space, so she can travel home as often as her work permits. As proud as a… Continue reading

  • Nuggets From my Bookclub

    I like the fact that book clubs can be constructed differently. I am amassing so many nuggets from my bookclub that I have made it an integral part of my life. This evening, as our book (We should all be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) , has a few pages and an intense topic, we… Continue reading

  • Our One in a Million Collection (Part 1)

    My friend L and I have had this shared collection for about five years. We have over two hundred photographs of the cars with random words of phrases. Some in English others in local languages. Today I’m sharing three of the texts written in Twi, which is one of the fifty languages in Ghana. There’s… Continue reading

  • Mining for More

    What would you like to know about your teacher? Where do you live? How long have you been teaching here? What is your hobby? Where is your favorite holiday destination? How old are you Ms. Juliette? S pulled a question out of the cup, for our fifteen minute closing circle. With the talking stick in… Continue reading

  • The Arrival

    The rains came deep in the night flexing it’s muscles with sight and sound the force which announced its presence, sent sways of resilience demanding everyone to wake. and peek when it bellowed with fondness spiralling, sweeping nature out of its place that fortitude, the energy, shedding leaves, unleashing a torrent some may welcome others… Continue reading

  • Reunion

    Unplanned, we called each other and decided to go for lunch. Initiated by offering to order and deliver a meal for each of the ladies. They suggested we meet for a holiday lunch. This was exciting as we had not met this year, 2023. We’ve been enjoying our daily messages by phone but had not… Continue reading

  • Today’s Celebration

    Today, the social media platforms I’m on are packed with photos, videos and a testament of Ghana’s existence since independence. Google is celebrating Ghana’s sixty-six years of independence, with images like this . Today, I will share a a short story (fiction). Its themes may connect with the story of Ghana’s independence. Ama lived in… Continue reading

  • A Burst of Color

    Black is the color we normally wear for funerals here. Yesterday was my Uncles’s send off. We all donned our traditional black tops and long skirts, completing the attire with a black head scarf for the event. It was solemn with a little pomp as usual, for a sergeant’s send off. We sat in the… Continue reading

  • Weekday Walks

    Last weekend’s walk was cancelled because of a wedding I attended and this morning’s was also cancelled as I had to attend a family event. Most of the Saturdays in March, are booked for one event or the other, so I’m planning shorter walks during the weekday evenings. Just thinking about the ‘walks’ makes me… Continue reading

  • Dance

    The power of those drums. Beating in rhythm, the sound of sticks hitting the taut top that makes a boom! The local instruments make their unique sounds and create their own rendition that instantly makes you appreciate the music and gets you tapping a foot or two. I wonder if it is an innate reaction?… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.