Words are Gifts

  • A Burst of Color

    Black is the color we normally wear for funerals here. Yesterday was my Uncles’s send off. We all donned our traditional black tops and long skirts, completing the attire with a black head scarf for the event. It was solemn with a little pomp as usual, for a sergeant’s send off. We sat in the… Continue reading

  • Weekday Walks

    Last weekend’s walk was cancelled because of a wedding I attended and this morning’s was also cancelled as I had to attend a family event. Most of the Saturdays in March, are booked for one event or the other, so I’m planning shorter walks during the weekday evenings. Just thinking about the ‘walks’ makes me… Continue reading

  • Dance

    The power of those drums. Beating in rhythm, the sound of sticks hitting the taut top that makes a boom! The local instruments make their unique sounds and create their own rendition that instantly makes you appreciate the music and gets you tapping a foot or two. I wonder if it is an innate reaction?… Continue reading

  • A Proud Moment

    I saw them rush to the Elementary school library excitedly. I stopped and asked them what was going on. They panted, “Ms. Juliette, we’ve come to read our books.” It was playtime, these boys never want to lose even a minute of that sacred time. However, these three fifth graders had rushed in from the… Continue reading

  • A Wet Wedding

    A beautiful song led them in. The two flower girls daintily attired walked in cautiously strewing petals on the carpeted floor. It was captivating, the young bride on her way to commit to her sweetheart and make their lifelong pledge. The bride strolled in with her father to the rhythm of an angelic song. This… Continue reading

  • They’re Back

    Long drive Long flights Suitcases galore Pairs of shoes Tell us who Has arrived  Busy cutlery Different aromas Announcing choices Trickling taps scream, ‘They’re back!’ Laughter surrounds Music boom Conversations cheer So many memories shared Devices everywhere Screens large and small EarPods or headphones Busy sofas Christmas tree watches As the lights twinkle Plans set… Continue reading

  • Royalty

    Revered and endowed with glittery paraphernalia Observed by many around the world Yellow flowers peek through the lot Adored and adorned in both life and death Laid in state for all to see, dignity bestowed Treated and trusted with utmost majesty Years of service and sacrifice appreciated This acrostic poem is an opportunity to celebrate… Continue reading

  • The Simple Things

    I carried my miniature plant to school this morning. Walking past our quiet playground, I knew our students would admire and appreciate it. Its uniqueness would encourage them to ask questions. My previous students named the class plant last semester, decorated and took care of it. Passing beside the playground, I was reminded of the… Continue reading

  • The Old Cupboard Key

    Rusty, old cupboard key Opens where memories are kept Mama’s dusty jewels Packed in tiny boxes Tiny, old cupboard key Holds many treasures treasures collected for years Mama’s dusty jewels Packed in tiny boxes Twisted, old cupboard key Leads us to many stories to those jewels, gold and silver Mama’s dusty jewels Packed in tiny… Continue reading

  • That Spark

    I listened to a webinar that completely helped me rethink my story. This short story I crafted in 2020, but felt there was something else it needed to achieve that spark. What I heard was useful and relevant, the kind that interestingly felt like feedback on the work I had done so far. It made… Continue reading

About Me

I am am Elementary school teacher at an International IB School in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. I write with groups of writers, such as Teach Write.