Words are Gifts

Friendship Haiku

Friends can hold our hands

At times when we are helpless

We need each other


Share our joyful past

Release the unhappy ones

Laugh together now


Meet for old times sake

Reminisce about the past

For the time being

Yesterday we met to visit our classmate. Twelve young men and ladies, to see our friend of over forty years. She has lost her father, a distinguished man.

At such times there are many memories, memories of our years together in boarding school. The unseen bond clearly makes our friendship special. No words can share the connection we have with each other and sometimes the silence or the laughter means much more than we can explain.

I give off myself because I appreciate the love and care this same group adorned on me when I was in this same situation. It feels like a balm on a fracture, and makes the pain a little bit less, decreased, yes.

People may not understand but when one has grown up with a group of friends, especially coped with many difficulties or hardships together, you tend to understand each other that much more.







10 responses to “Friendship Haiku”

  1. Friends can also say so much just by being there and not saying a word.

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  2. Yes, you were helpless at the death of your friend’s father, but you helped each other. A simple and universal message, you remind us of the power in these gatherings of people who care about each other.

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  3. I love haiku. I love that this is about friendships! Thanks.

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  4. I love the poem and the narrative below it. You are lucky to have such a close group to help make life more bearable durIng tough times. I especially liked the stanza, “Share our joyful past, Release the unhappy ones, Laugh together now.” There is a real sense of present, past and future in today’s slice.

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  5. “It feels like a balm on a fracture, and makes the pain a little bit less, decreased, yes.”

    What an apt way to describe friendship, and your poetic language continues even into your prose.

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  6. Lovely rhythmic poem! My favorite part is on the third paragraph- ‘It feels like a balm on a fracture…’

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  7. Your haiku captured the power of the presence of friends. Nice words!

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  8. A beautiful post about friendship and resilience, with haiku to boot! Looking forward to your next slice.

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  9. “Like balm on a fracture.” Oh my. That might be the most vivid line I’ve read all day. Beautiful.

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  10. Friendship is a gift to treasure. Your combination of poetry and prose is a lovely tribute to your friendship.

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