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They took alternate, identical steps, walking away from us, reassuringly. Their friendship brewed over time. I had gently encouraged and worked on building these friendships to help Don (a made up name) come out of his shell. That visit left me truly elated.

In the past Don was not interested. An introvert on most occasions, sucked in by his interest in art. He spends hours or days creating these abstract images, real images some unbelievable. Images that shock you at first glance but gradually adjusts to one’s admiration for this talent that is somewhat unbelievable.

Now I can see a change, a positive change. One that seems to be breaking the quietness into an independence I admire. Don has now matured, into a young lad. Impressed by the growth at boarding school, the maturity has also been phenomenal. Who ever thought this would happen?  On visits he always says;

“Mum it is time for you to go now, I have a lot to do, to prepare for tomorrow.”

He does not need my invisible hand now, he has grown to trust and connect with others. The image of Don walking away with his friends, is to me a great achievement, or is it maturity?


7 responses to “Steps”

  1. Sounds like he’s an inspiring artist. I’d love to read more about his work.

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  2. Your sense of pride beams through your post. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. You did a wonderful job expressing the feelings of loving that it’s time to let go a little bit.

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  4. It is wonderful to watch someone grow and become a confident well adjusted individual. It means we have done something right.

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  5. I’m guessing he still feels your hand guiding him. What a poignant slice, your love really shines here.

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  6. You are an experienced and confident mother to be happy watching your son walk away and slowly letting him go. I loved this description of their relationship, “Their friendship brewed over time.” It eludes a slow in the making, strong bond.

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  7. Great achievement … and maturity … and also a little bittersweet, maybe? Definitely a sign that you are doing a lovely job, helping him come into his own. ❤

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