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The Revealing Ride

Our drive to Larteh revealed attractive views. A very hilly area, we drove along windy roads that exposed many heartwarming sites. We could not stop showing our appreciation for nature.

“The vegetation is really lush.”

“It must rain here often.”

“I could live here.”

G continued to take photos snapping as if she was going to create her own movie of the place. I was actually wondering what she would be doing with so many photos but did not bother asking.

I just watched her, from the back seat. We were on our way to bid farewell to our dear mate. A solemn occasion that revealed this gem of an area most of us had never experienced. The picture taking carried on for a while, G had the best view as she sat next to Y who was driving.

I thought, ‘I can slice about this.’

I took out my phone and tried taking photos from the back seat. Of course there were many items distracting my view, the driver’s mirror, part of the front seat, the shoulders of Y and G, I tried to place myself to record the mesmerizing view but it was proving difficult, especially with my seat belt locking me in place. G continued to snap, clicking away, whilst I was trying to position my phone somewhere, a place that I could not find. It suddenly struck me to ask.

“G. can you send me some of your photos?” I asked.

“Of course I will,” she answered.

Late in the evening I received a number of photos, that were really magnificent. She had captured parts of the ride so well. I was pleased I had a reminder of the enchanting ride. The day was full of many wonderful memories, slices I hope to continue to write about. But for now I had this view that I had tried so hard to capture.

Larteh is an area in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa.



10 responses to “The Revealing Ride”

  1. Rich and beautiful green. i enjoyed how you stretched out the scene of driving, picture taking and your thinking.

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  2. That photo is spectacular. I’m sure your memories of the scenery remain clear in your mind too. I look forward to more slices about this memory.

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  3. It looks beautiful. Great job capturing that moment.
    Sometimes when I can’t get the right photo or my video taking is from a bad angle or obscured view, I realize it’s the universe telling me to just enjoy and use my senses in that present moment.

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  4. I enjoyed the multiple stories entwined with each other; taking photos, trying to take them, driving, observing, saying goodbye. And the photo, so beautiful! I need to learn more about Ghana!

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  5. What a view! We were in Choma and saw nothing like this.

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  6. “G continued to take photos snapping as if she was going to create her own movie of the place. I was actually wondering what she would be doing with so many photos but did not bother asking.”

    I like this insight. It’s become so easy and honestly, somewhat meaningless to take photos. Each one is either an investment in time or it’s forgotten.

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  7. Green is my favorite colors due to views like this. I can only imagine the birding that can be done too! Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Such a great slice of your day. My thoughts of what the scene looked like based off of your description matched your photograph perfectly!

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  9. Beautiful description of a gorgeous place that does justice to nature. The photograph is breath-taking!

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  10. This photo is breathtaking in its beauty. I can see why you wanted to capture it in a photo.

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