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Two Roles

I had planned the day perfectly and was hoping to achieve my goals set for the day.  P had started complaining about a pain on our drive to school. She seemed better when we got to school but I still took her to see the school nurse. She was sent to class until lunchtime when I was summoned to take her to the hospital.

Leaving school was like looking behind me, whilst running. I knew I had so much to complete but I had to leave. I could not return to school as the day was almost over. I was going to miss a meeting my planning for the next day, editing my reports and marking my students’ writing completed that morning.

My guilt was torn into two. I had to play my two roles perfectly. All the two demanding hundred percent of me. In the car I kept thinking about all the work I had left behind and was hoping for P to be well. She has to get better, I hope it is nothing serious. In the car you could see she was in pain, holding on to her tummy and groaning quietly. What could this be? What could be causing this? I felt her pain, I told her she was going to be fine.

I decided not to think about the work I had left behind and the work I had to complete but focused on getting P better. Being a teacher and a parent puts you in a dilemma at such times, although ultimately you know you have obligations other than work.


8 responses to “Two Roles”

  1. I hope P is better. You can hear your passion and voice in this blog post

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  2. It is hard work, being an educator and a parent, both roles demanding our complete attention…but when it comes down to it, family wins the toss. I hope your daughter is on the mend!

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  3. It is hard being torn in two like this. Of course family comes first. Hope all is well. One problem with being a teacher is that no matter what else is happening in our lives our minds still somehow drift back to our students and work responsibilities.

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  4. It’s so hard to be a parent and an educator but family first! Hope P is doing better!

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  5. You do an amazing job each day for all your students and P.

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  6. I hope your daughter feels better already. Your school has other teachers/leaders. Your daughter has only one mom. You chose the role that matters the most- being mom.

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  7. Oh, Juliette. This is so tough and all us educators with kids of our own are standing beside you. What a personal and relevant slice!

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  8. I am sure you were just what she needed. The struggles of working mothers are demonstrated vividly in your inner dialogue. I hope she’s feeling better.

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