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An Addition to The Morning Routine

I am informed to add vitamin C to my daily dose of vitamins. I decided to go the natural way and make my own vitamin C rich juice. I had options, to buy oranges and squeeze every morning, which would add to my morning routine or to just buy tablets. I chose the former.

Whilst squeezing my oranges this morning, I had many thoughts. I found it a very soothing but time consuming activity.  Maybe I can find a juicer that can make this less strenuous and messy? Or could I make the juice the night before?

This morning, in a rush, I squeezed about ten oranges, watching the clock, I made two half glasses, one for myself and another for P. Kept them in the freezer to have nice and chilled just before setting off. After rushing through my routine P and I enjoyed an extremely refreshing start and a good boost to our health. The new routine continues, early tomorrow morning.



12 responses to “An Addition to The Morning Routine”

  1. Juice–so much more delicious than tablets! Don’t you feel good having accomplished squeezing fresh juice in the morning? You have inspired me to get out my old-fashioned juicer (if I can find it).

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  2. A welcome chane to your routine. We are very much creatures of habit and adding in something different can really make things change for the better. Good for you for sticking with it.

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  3. I adore freshly-squeezed OJ. I own a juicer, but never use it. Maybe next weekend…

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  4. I love how you made the process of vitamin-c-ing as therapeutic as the actual vitamin.

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  5. Neither tablets nor canned/bottled juice comes close to the taste of freshly squeezed juice.

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  6. A lot of work but I’m guessing there was a pretty sweet payoff! Keep juicing!

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  7. I like how you made time to treat yourself to a healthy juice even though it might be time consuming. Well done!

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  8. Wow, 10 oranges! That’s quite a feat. Cheers and bottoms up!

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  9. I love that you’re taking the natural route even though it’s not the easy way to go. Your appreciation of the beauty in everything, big or small, has me coming back to read often. Thanks for another slice… sounds like your juice required more than just one slice though! 😉

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  10. Mmm… fresh squeezed orange juice. The most important thing is to find a good strainer unless you like all the pulp. What other fruits do you think you’d try juicing?

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    1. I sometimes make pineapple or watermelon smoothies , using a smoothie maker.


  11. Right choice! Enjoy your new routine as you find ways of making it more easier.

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