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That Voice

Yesterday I bumped into a number of people, passing by a gentleman, he recognized me immediately, I didn’t, but that voice.

He just said, “Hello Juliette.”

As soon as I looked his way, I knew exactly who he was, although I did not remember his name.

It had been over forty years, our elementary school days since I set eyes on this young man, not so young man now, with a bit of weight on. His face looked the same, youthful, I guess. Since our elementary school days, we had never met. I was walking past him but he did well to recognize the not so young lady.

Maybe we have aged gracefully, holding onto our youthful features that makes us recognizable. Or is it the voice? The sound that betrays us? I have grown to realize that voices are unique and it does not matter how old we are,  more often than not, our voices are recognizable.

It was great reuniting , although briefly, with an old friend and I must say I was glad he called me, especially by name . I felt guilty I could not mention his. As it was a quick encounter I moved on swiftly to ponder. If I had more time I would have asked him kindly to remind me of his first name as that would have definitely triggered off his surname.


9 responses to “That Voice”

  1. This could be the beginning of a mystery novel! I like the emphasis on his voice, the memory that it triggers for you. I do hope you run into him again!

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  2. I like the thought-provoking question implied by this phrase, “Maybe we have aged gracefully…” Nice job creating a reflective tone in this sllice.

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  3. It always troubles me when I can’t remember an old acquaintance’s name… especially when they remember mine… and I wonder why that is.. I mean, why they remember mine and I don’t remember theirs? We all like to be called by our name. That’s one of the things I love about a hotel I frequently stay at, so many of the employees call me by name the moment they see me.. it makes me feel like a matter in a sea of strangers.

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  4. This reminds me of a time my wife and I were walking around a quilt show. Around the corner comes a woman. “I recognized that voice, ” she told my wife. It was a friend of hers that she hadn’t seen since high school.

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  5. “…holding on to the youthful features that make us recognizable.” I enjoyed the post. I can imagine how surreal it was to be called by name and recognize the voice but not the name. He remembered you…what stories did he walk away with?

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  6. So cool and real. I hadn’t thought about the power of voice to remember another human. I wonder about our voices and whether they imprint on others. I’ll definitely remember your voice, J!

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  7. The brain is such an incredible storage device and it’s amazing what sounds, smells, images can make the brain conjure up in memories. You must have made an impact on this person for them to remember you.

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  8. “Maybe we have aged gracefully,…
    You indeed have! Graceful in every sense of the word. Now, you still have a mystery to solve-finding out his name…All the best in this quest!

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  9. I, too, run into people now and then, who have a feature or two that seems vaguely remember. Each time holds a story. Thanks for reminding me!

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