Clouds – a poem

“The clouds are moving,” my student announced.

“I am sure the birds can see the clouds are moving faster today,” another student shared.

“I rarely look up,” I admitted.

You often learn something when you look at the world from a child’s point of view.

I wrote a poem about the experience.


They drift gently

Like candy floss

Up above my head

The delicate light blue


Sitting quietly

Watching in a daze

I knew

This would happen again


I would

Perch here and watch

Stare at the floating cotton

Gliding secretly above


Why did I never do this?

In the busy-ness of the days

I will




Up Above.






























4 thoughts on “Clouds – a poem

  1. Lovely how you allow your students to inspire your reflection. Pausing to Look up is harder than it sounds as we move through our busy days, satisfying all sorts of requirements. It sounds like you’re glad you took the time to change your pattern.

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  2. There’s an airy reverence in your lines – beautiful, hopeful, yet also deep. As a reader I feel a sense of calm and appreciation in pausing to look up. We are surrounded by so much that we never see.

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