Words are Gifts

All Together

Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

All spread around

The park


Hands sway

Bodies sashay

Heads bob

Fingers snap


Barking music

Fills the air

Although outside

We declare


A day of fun

A dance to remember


This was our Elementary School Dance-Off, that happened some time ago. 

Today we have another House color event that has been organized by a grade level.

I am sharing this because it is going to be as unique as the dance-off.  Math games indoors, ( Really cool… as it is over 30 degrees celsius outside). 

This should also be special because the older students are teaching the younger ones.



4 responses to “All Together”

  1. Ooooooooweeee! Wish I could have been there dancing too!

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  2. Math games was a beautiful success with the studnets!

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  3. What musicians in Ghana would you recommend checking out? I’m always looking for new music with fun beats to move to.

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  4. You pack so much imagery into these beautiful short lines. I can picture myself bobbing and snapping right along. =)

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