At School Today

Arriving at school this morning, I did not have a clue the kind of day I was walking into. What I noticed was the scanty number of students on the playground. It dawned on me that many of our families had chosen to keep the children at home. Students had been kept at home in anticipation of a school closure, due to the circumstances.

We took the opportunity to make the most of our time at school together. Practicing our online learning once more and testing the resources. This also allowed us to come up with agreements and to support each other .

If  school were to close we would be able to work at home independently.’ 

There were many pluses as students had a device to themselves, aiding the effectiveness of our Zoom trial. The day ended with confident students who were reassured of what would happen if the school closure were to occur.



7 thoughts on “At School Today

  1. Good thing you have a plan and we’re able to walk your students through it. We had an idea that never quite made it into reality. School will be closed the rest of the month for us,.

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  2. Yes, absolutely. The past couple of days have been nothing if not an exercise in “well, I guess we’ll see what happens.” Here is wishing you calm and cool in the coming days.

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  3. Juliette, hats off to you for easing the anxiety that your students may have felt and allowing them to end the day with as much normalcy and consolation as possible. As educators are sometimes blamed for many things beyond their control, I think the general public may forget how much effort teachers put into creating a safe space for the children.

    They also often forget those students are with you more than anyone else they know. Particularly in the throes of a crisis, when required to calm anxious and apprehensive children, it is not easy. It is not easy. It is not easy…and you handled it like a pro. #jobwelldone

    ~Carla Michelle

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