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An Unexpected Visit

At 4.30pm earlier on this week, she entered my class through the connecting door. I turned my head at an angle staring directly at her. What was she doing here at this time of the school day? She kept walking towards me, stood and smiled. I tilted my head even lower, with widened eyes and a worried look, I gathered courage to ask.

“Sh what are you doing here at this time?”

She wore a cheeky smile but explained, “I came to do my work, I had to finish my writing because Ms. J said we’ll be doing a lot of Math tomorrow.”

I smiled and thought this was quite odd.

“Interesting Sh, does your teacher know you are here at this time?”

“My sister has an after school activity so I thought I could come and finish my work.”

The fourth grader mumbled proudly, as if she had achieved something and was waiting for an acknowledgement.

Of course I succumbed. I told her that was impressive but asked if anyone else knew she was here. Should she not have been at the siblings club? How did she get away and what had she told her supervisor? 

Anyway, her mission had been accomplished, so I told her I would let her teacher know and made sure she went back where she was supposed to be.

Last year I wrote a slice about Sh, Chatting During Lunch we had an encounter then.  Since that day, we have bonded and would chat during recess, sometimes. I believe she felt I was a friend and just popped in to announce something great she had achieved. I hope I did not put her off.



8 responses to “An Unexpected Visit”

  1. This slice shows the trust, admiration and belief that you have for her! I hope every child has one of you in their life – a teacher, a parent, friend neighbor – every child deserves to have that go to person!

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  2. How nice! It is obvious she feels comfortable with you. It’s those students that require the extra bit of everything that are the test, right? Thank you for sharing a slice of a day in the life of a teacher! Never dull!

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  3. This post truly shows the importance of relationships.You have nurtured yours and Sh now sees you as someone she can trust.

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  4. Great moment to capture – sometimes when we have an interaction it sits…strangely. But writing about it helps us to make sense of it. I bet Sh is grateful to have an adult she can count on.

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  5. This relationship that you have forged is what brings her back and she is clearly strong minded enough to know how to subvert some rules! Thank goodness you let her.
    I love the depth of this line which has so much room for inference: “The fourth grader mumbled proudly, as if she had achieved something and was waiting for an acknowledgement.”

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  6. Teaching is as much about forming relationships with students as it is teaching the students. If there is trust and respect, the teaching/learning opportunities are endless. This post shows the importance of making connections with the students. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. Such a great example of relationship building and the special encounters throughout the school day. Love the dialogue.

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  8. How wonderful that she has someone who she can share with- you are a special person to her. What a lucky girl!

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