A few colleagues and I granted each other a girlie treat at a local massage last December, as a reward for being successful on a project we completed. It seems like a lifetime ago since the enticing experience. I pulled out a poem I wrote after the event to represent happy days and camaraderie. Those times I believe will come again. The poem I wrote, Bliss  is below:


Up the wide-eyed stairs

All lit up with tea-lights

Into a wide-eyed lounge

Where the sleep sofas call

Through an eerie corridor

To who knows where.


Expecting an experience

of a lifetime

Listening for an instrument

Truly unrecognisable

Experiencing bliss on

A fascinating bed

Whiffs of lemongrass

Surrounding us

Introducing a holiday

Full of expectations.




2 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. This slice reminds me of my first spa experience from this summer in Mexico. Thank you for bringing me back to that time of stress-free rejuvenation. Holding onto memories like these will help us through these troubling times.

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