Past and Present

Young in the 80s

A curfew was called

Military imposed lockdown

Soldiers everywhere

At the call of a siren

All gates were closed  

By 8pm 

All was quiet 

Tucked indoors

The curfew began


Like a natural disaster

The Lockdown resurfaces

COVID 19 is everywhere

Nobody knows why or how

Many are in quarantine

Forced separation

On occasions 

Authorities appear

To instill

 A sense of responsibility.

This time to safeguard humanity

Then, to uphold political will

In the late 1970s and early 1980s there was a military coup in Ghana, it came with some political unrest. I was a young girl then but remember vividly the curfew that was imposed. Yesterday, there was a call for a Lockdown in parts of the country. I immediately thought about the difference and the whys. That is the story behind my slice today.



3 thoughts on “Past and Present

  1. The lockdown now is a collective way to stay safe. Different from a political or a military situations. You have experienced both. I hope that never again during the rest of your life.

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