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Can I call this a dream?

In bed last night, I tossed and turned. I remember clearly what I saw. My planner for today and what I had to teach my small math groups, online. 

Interestingly, from what I remember,  I may already have been teaching as I had students asking me clarifying questions. I am sure I drifted in and out of my supposed deep sleep because I kept convincing myself to wake up and write it all down, otherwise I’d forget what was going on. I wish I had because I seem to have been actually drafting my slice in my sleep. It sounded like poetry as there was some repetition and short lines, I felt it sounded really good but like a whiff of smoke, it drifted away. This does not happen to me often, but I am glad I remember parts of it. 

My lessons today are going quite well, but I remember my dream or thoughts at night and wonder why I took those thoughts to bed with me. Could I have been excited or anxious? We have introduced a new schedule so could that have been the reason?

I really should have woken up and written what I was thinking down. It would have been much clearer and recorded my train of thought. Perhaps that would have helped explain this dream.


2 responses to “Can I call this a dream?”

  1. It’s so curious and frustrating to have dreams like that, isn’t it? –Where you had such great ideas that if only you could remember….. I particularly liked this line: “like a whiff of smoke, it drifted away” –it’s so true–it’s gradual, and you can sort of feel it going.

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  2. When I have school dreams, especially the regular ones, I have learned to take that as my own sign that I am overly stressed and anxious.

    And…yes. How many times have any of us wanted to go back to a dream because there was something important, something GOOD we were working on?

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