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I see green all around me. This is because as my brother rightly put it, yesterday being my daughter’s birthday, we had a ‘party in paradise’.  A handful of us, it was just green. Covid 19 birthed the green fingered entrepreneur in my sister Ros. Stepping into Mama’s footsteps, Ros has created this paradise at my parents’ house. Yesterday we beat ourselves thinking how we all managed to neglect this paradise for over ten years since both parents passed and never thought to use the space for the many purposes it seems to be revealing to us now.



In March when the world seemed to turned upside down, if I can put it this way, Ros with her experience of organizing events and presenting organisations to the world for other had become temporarily redundant. Her hobby or side job was to have her gardeners tend other people’s gardens. This was a side line that was brewing, Ros always talked about her endeavors and sometimes went plant or pot shopping. Oh, I forgot the trip to London last summer when she dragged us all to a world class flower show in the temperate heat. I now understand why the urge was so great, This was a trip of over two hours on the train to get to the Hampton Court Flower show. It was not in vain as we all , Ros, the children and I saw so much beauty in nature. I think that is when my conversion began.


In Good Times and Bad

I believe we should uphold anything that life throws at us. Coincidentally, I am reading a biography that is so inspiring about life’s knocks, although the book has a religious twist it really resonates with what life is about. We have to be ready to face whatever life throws at us, shake it off and move on. The opportunity and time this lockdown or out of work period has given us is unearthing many areas in our lives that some of us may not know was present. Or maybe new interests are being exposed.

IMG_0838.jpg. IMG_0897.jpeg


Walking around Green Gold gardens made me think about our actions and it’s enduring presence not only in our lives but in that of our children and the people around us. It is indeed a legacy, without a doubt and probably a profitable one too. If only Mama knew the passion that Ros has for her own love and what it has become or is becoming.


I also believe that green is a beautiful color. My first sofa was bottle green so was my curtain, actually custom made as I love the color so much.It also went very well with my parquet flooring. All of this green is majestic and even more enchanting when it is darker and creates an environment that can be indescribable. It is also probably because now the world or cities are full of concrete and nature is covered by permanent man made structures. Pushing aside habitats and creating either environmental or air pollution instead of the true nature of the Earth. Thankfully Ros found it in herself to use this ‘paradise’ that Mama had started planting over fifty years ago and develop it into this beauty that is emerging in just over three months.

Blessings have to be counted I believe and encouragement to be the word on our lips.


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  1. This is beautiful, Juliette!


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  2. Green, oh green! How lush and alive the garden and your words. Thanks for reminding us how color, nature, and perseverance can create an oasis and a bit of shade in troubling times. Missing you and the green of Ghana.

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