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A Packed Day

The school day started quite well. I thought I was settled in my ‘office space’ in our grade level hub, which I had created from the new classroom furniture. My belongings moved with me to this space in a trolley, thoughtfully partitioned to house a teacher’s different needs. On Wednesdays students learn online and most of the work for a majority of students is asynchronous.

I still had a packed day with a full schedule planned. Individual meetings, small group meetings and a community meeting to start us all off. Of course my ‘transitional laptop’ went off prematurely so I had to move from my comfy, made up space to find a place to charge it.

I had signed up for the Covid vaccine, and felt we would be invited today. Last night I placed my ID card in my wallet. I was right , many of us, teachers and school staff, were invited for the vaccine, but had to queue for hours. After a long wait and some wrangling we all had our vaccines and a few of us hailed a cab back to work.

At school, I joined the tail end of our team meeting, it was all a blur as I had missed most of the discussion.

I rushed home as my daughter had an online assessment organised by a tutor, I had to supervise. I wore a different hat and found it all quite overwhelming as we had a very short time to get ready. I was panicking and had to print out some sheets for her to ensure all her questions were accessible.

I felt for parents and empathised with their plight. I kept wondering if that is the way we make our parents feel, especially during this period of online learning.


6 responses to “A Packed Day”

  1. First of all, I’m so glad and grateful to hear you got your vaccines. And…there was something wise and intriguing about your wondering at the end, about the parents you work with? THAT. THAT sounds to me like a BIG idea to explore. Perhaps…for another slice…?


  2. You play many roles with incredible grace, Juliette! I always enjoy reading about your day.


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  3. Your day was quite busy. I can only imagine what it is like to be a parent of school-aged children right now. I am thankful that mine are grown.

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  4. Juliette, your wonderings about how we make parents feel has been my wondering as well. I have attempted to extend grace to our parents. I choose to believe many of our parents are doing the best they can. It sounds like you are too. Give yourself grace as well.

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  5. So many plates to balance, it’s not a full plate, it multiple plates. I think parents are stressed. Everything is harder right now. Empathy is so highly important in times of stress.

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  6. Yep. 100% this wondering, this frustration, these feelings of being helpless. Nothing like working as a teacher during Distance Learning to make one feel like a bad parent. 😦 Rest assured that you’re a great one J, I have plenty of evidence. 😉


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