End of the Vacation

Saying goodbye is one of the most difficult things to do. Especially when you are not sure when you will meet again.

This week I bid farewell to my oldest son. I should not complain as we had him stay longer after his Christmas vacation. I should say ‘fortunately’ as the one month vacation turned to three.

During this period, we bonded, chatted about all sorts, discussed and had decent arguments. I guess it was a , ‘learning more about each other time.

We lived his stresses and coping strategies whilst he attended his online lectures, group and professor meetings. He also had his final project to work on which was really taxing, with many late nights and so much focus.

Parting was emotional we held hands and prayed. I was moved and had tears rolling down my cheeks.

I will remember the times he’d pop in whilst I was teaching online at home, to just touch my hair, say good morning and whisper, asking how I was that morning.

His encouragement with everything I’m doing is so special.

What makes the parting even more unsettling is when you do not know the next time you will meet again. With all the mask wearing, tests and other protocol, travelling by air is not so appealing. This makes the parting worse.

BUT with all the online meeting places we will arrange our weekly reunion, so it does not make us feel so far apart.


5 thoughts on “End of the Vacation

  1. I feel this so deeply, Juliette. My older son is away at college. You know, it wasn’t as difficult to send him off to college the first time. But saying goodbye after his first winter vacation? Or after he had been home with us during lockdown? THAT was hard. Here’s wishing the two of you more “learning more about you” times, and more closeness to come.

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  2. You captured this tender moment between you and your son so beautifully. Saying goodbye really can be difficult, but also bittersweet. The love is clear and up front in this slice.

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