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Something New

I had many ideas this morning. Thoughts of writing about gems (my children), whispers (my thoughts) or peace (to elaborate on what I wrote with Rupi Kaur in January).

Then I read this blog that shared a poetry form that caught my attention. It was made up by a Poetry Friday participant. This suddenly moved me to write something short. I scribed one (LAmiPoFri) very quickly, I ‘ paused, took a look around me and shared the moment.’


Whirr of the fan

creates it’s breeze

touches my shoulders

Cools me down

Out of the window

Sun peeps

Over the roof of

Mr. Neighbor’s house

Crow up above


That sound


Every now and then

Drawing the morn to noon.


3 responses to “Something New”

  1. Oh, I love this- it really brings us into your time and place!

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  2. Ooooh, I’m so glad I hopped on your post, as I am on a search for inspiration. Love the pausing, noticing, and sharing. I love the details of the whirling fan, the cawing crow, and “Drawing the morn to noon.”

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  3. This is how slicing works: you have your ideas ready and then life offers you something new to write about. How lovely that a poem was born today.

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