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My New Joy

I met them and since that day, I visit most days. My love for plants has grown immensely.

Now I find so much joy in being around plants. Almost a year ago I wrote about my Mothers’s love for plants and that passion which my sister R inherited. R’s garden is heavenly, a public space that is evolving.

I steal time after work most days, convince myself I’m going to see R, but end up visiting my friends. They look quaint and the assortment just engulfs me. It’s a serene and beautiful space, which is rare in these parts.

I take walks through the garden, visiting, exploring and trying to spot new addition. Recently I told my friends it is my therapy. The attractive mini-lawns , the lone plantain tree which found its way in the flower pot and many more. The summer hut that is adorned by the hanging plants and many more engrosses you in their mainly green beauty.

Maturity delivers many gifts. I have never been green fingered but now I want to be surrounded by plants. I notice the beautiful flora everywhere I go. I’m glad to say this will surely be added to my pension duties.

Many interested ‘house proud’ young adults are drawn to the “Loading” sign. The sign symbolizing or better still advertising the new garden.

I take many photographs as soon as I visit and hoping my therapy touches others I send them to. My sister in law , in another continent is also entranced by the plants. I gift her the photographs I take she is always extremely grateful.


3 responses to “My New Joy”

  1. And us, too! You have gifted us this slice, these stories. Thank you! I aspire to be a better gardener than I am, but I get distracted with other pursuits. Instead, I enjoy the gardens that neighbors plant and that folks like you share.

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  2. The writing and photographs show the beauty of the garden and they are very inviting. I have loved gardens since I was a child, and I still consider a colorful garden to be both dazzling and peaceful.

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  3. Thank you for letting us meet your friends. The plants are beautiful. You are a blessing to share them with others. I love the line “Maturity delivers many gifts.” I think about how plants mature and give us the gift of their beauty, but I also think of our own maturity, and the gift of being able to reevaluate what’s really important in life that maturity brings. Thank you for giving me this gift today.

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