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Notebook Celebration

This evening’s celebration is because of a considerable feat: the last leaf of my very first ‘official’ Notebook.

This has been an enjoyable ride till Day 79 of my ‘100 days of Note booking.’

Some days, I felt really empty and other days I was rather full. Full of words, ideas and innuendos.

I owe my commitment to my Teach Write colleagues and to M for the workshop and guidelines for the newbie I was.

Starting off thinking my notebook had to be perfectly manicured, I even dared to draw a few illustrations. Some of my drawings were renditions, others from my imagination, those interestingly turned out quite well.

Tomorrow, will be my day of cracking open my next (official) Notebook, hopefully it will be another enjoyable ride starting on Day 80.


4 responses to “Notebook Celebration”

  1. Great job, Juliette! It always feels good to finish a notebook and to start a new one. I look forward to continued writing sessions with you.

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  2. Starting a new notebook is always a good day… so many possibilities lie ahead!

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  3. You’re modeling the behaviours we want to see in our students. What a learner and an inspiration you are Juliette. Can’t wait to hear your writing from the next notebook! 🙂

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  4. Congratulations! So much possibility awaits in notebook number 2!

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