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Growing like Plants

My weekly visits to R’s garden reveal many new surprises. It really is fascinating the way plants change as they grow. New additions are brought in weekly, so no part of the garden ever stays the same.


My annual March Slice of life, daily writing is no different. I am amazed by what I learn, the different structures of writing, new vocabulary, the variety of feedback I receive and learn from. Like the rich soil the plants in garden receive, I have been exposed to many creative ways of writing. I have been enlightened and this is helping me develop my writing in many ways.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Stacey and the co-authors at the Two Writing Teachers for the opportunity to slice daily in March, with other educators. I’m growing as a writer and my goal every year is to carry on writing with my various writing groups. My goal is also to ‘just write’ and to try and pop in to slice on Tuesdays. I appreciate this community, for nurturing and providing me with the sunshine required for my writing growth.


10 responses to “Growing like Plants”

  1. A beautiful post and metaphor to wrap up the Slice of Life Story Challenge. The goal of “just write” is a powerful one – and a sustaining one. The brightness of those flowers seems a perfect image for the writer and especially one planted in a writing community, which is like a cultivated garden to bloom and grow. Here’s to all the writing and growing to come!

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  2. I wrote about plants today too! This community is sunshine.

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  3. I love your line – the sunshine required for writing growth. Very well said! This community is the sunshine needed for growth.

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  4. The garden and your writing are in full bloom. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts in March and thank you for your encouraging comments. Wishing you continued opportunities to “just write.”

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  5. There is no “just” write. You are a writer I love to read!

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  6. Juliette, you’ve given myself and my family a such a gift with this. The garden is a perfect metaphor, you’ve watered and fertilized this writer with your steadfast determination and shining example of a true writer at work. Let’s take a beat to breathe, and debrief soon ‘in person’. Much love your way.

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  7. debraannregister Avatar

    That was so beautiful, Juliette, I LOVE the the line “Like the rich soil the plants in garden receive, I have been exposed to many creative ways of writing.” It was a perfect and wonderfully visual way of expressing what is at the heart of this joyously unique experience. Thank you!!! Have a wonderful spring, may the flowers bring you an abundance of joy always and feed great inspiration in your writing and life!!!

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  8. Love the comparison to the garden. This community nurtures us to grow!

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  9. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    I have loved my visits here this month. My, how our gardens grow!

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  10. Just write. Yes! Just write, just write. That phrase has been both empowering and liberating for me. It’s helped me have the discipline to get things done, and it’s also let me let go of things when I’m not 100% sold on my work.

    Here’s to seeing you throughout the year through your posts!

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