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Three or Four Chapters

I’m a member of a very vibrant and energetic bookclub.

What members bring with them is so thought provoking. The conversations are teeming with connections, life experiences, stories and humour, so much of it. We meet on Zoom from different continents, with our different nationalities and accents. We discuss in a common language.

Having been a participant in different bookclubs I realised how different this format was. I went through the first meeting nodding and thinking, I’m learning so much. Not only was this particular book provocative, but the energy the members brought to the three or four chapters we read was intriguing. So many issues, topics and questions surfaced.

What made the author include this or that?

What was the author thinking?

Why did we have to infer so much?

What exactly was being addressed here?

Sometimes we are led to carry out some more research in order to understand parts of the book.

At the end of our first meeting, I could not wait for the next three or four chapters and the leads that would come from the discussion.

Putting my teacher’s hat on, I plan to set this up for my fifth graders, to get them engaged and ‘fired-up’ to read and enjoy discussions around books.

5 responses to “Three or Four Chapters”

  1. You name SO well exactly what a book club is to do! I may bookmark this to share with my MS readrs in the fall. Thanks for sharing. ALSO thanks for sharing last week! I used use structure and it helped me name my take-aways from the school year.

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  2. Your book club sounds amazing. I haven’t been in a book club for so long and reading this post makes me long to be in one again. (Hoping to join one in-person sometime next year.)

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  3. THIS- this is what I love about book clubs too. Maybe our fifth graders could share some thinking.

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  4. This sounds like such a wonderful group to be a part of! What a fantastic community of readers!

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  5. You describe a magical experience with your book club! It is so exciting! I am moving and have thought about joining a book club in my new community to help me connect with some new people. I can only hope it is vibrant a community like the one your speak of!

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