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A Wet Wedding

A beautiful song led them in. The two flower girls daintily attired walked in cautiously strewing petals on the carpeted floor. It was captivating, the young bride on her way to commit to her sweetheart and make their lifelong pledge.

The bride strolled in with her father to the rhythm of an angelic song. This feeling is indescribable even for the congregation. We could only see the back of the groom’s head. He had been waiting for a while.

The setting was impressive, an outdoor arrangement with two elegant floral arches, pure white seats and drapes. In front of the groom was a shiny pulpit for the young pastor, who appeared quite animated.

When we all settled, after the bride’s father delivered her to the seat beside her husband-to-be, we all stood for prayers and a hymn, after which the pastor asked,

“Who gives this bride away?’

An interesting question after the memorable parade.

The proud father took a step forward and shouted , “I do.”

“I give… away to… ”

The make shift church was charged, everybody was giggly and clapped enthusiastically. We missed the low hiss of thunder.

Just then, there was a tender boom of thunder and the clouds started to darken. This would have been different if we were indoors. However, the outdoor wedding was in motion. The couple needed to exchange their vows, there needed to be a sermon, to send the couple on in holy matrimony.

Suddenly, the pastor announced that as the clouds were darkening he would shorten service. He bellowed a powerful, short prayer, conducted the exchange of vows tactfully and ordered the groom to unveil his bride and deliver that first kiss. The sermon was just a sharing of a verse that I can’t forget. There was a short impactful message. I can remember holy spirit mentioned many times.

That is when a few rain drops fell on us. Everything had to be rushed as the clouds were now a very dark grey.

The couple were introduced to us as ‘ the newest couple in town’ and were swept away to sign the register before a curtain of tropical rain burst out of the skies.

8 responses to “A Wet Wedding”

  1. Wow! What a memorable wedding that must have been. The stories this couple will tell!

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  2. The small details you shared will also be remembered by the couple. Weather may change plans, but glad they got their happy ending.

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  3. You paint a picture with these words and made me remember fondly Accra torrents. 🙂

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  4. I always enjoy your readings and the ease you paint such a wonderful picture for your readers. Happy March!

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  5. I know those “curtains of tropical rain” but a “short prayer” from a Ghanaian pastor, now that is a true miracle!

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  6. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    You have crafted this moment with such beautiful words. And what a memory for everyone!

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  7. You expressed this Slice in beautiful and exquisite detail – I felt as if I were there partaking in this special day.

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  8. Oh wow, a truly memorable wedding. I like the contrast between strolling at the beginning and then rushing as the weather breaks.

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