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A Proud Moment

I saw them rush to the Elementary school library excitedly. I stopped and asked them what was going on. They panted,

“Ms. Juliette, we’ve come to read our books.”

It was playtime, these boys never want to lose even a minute of that sacred time. However, these three fifth graders had rushed in from the playground panting with pride to see their published, nonfiction books displayed at the Elementary school library.

I stood to watch and eavesdrop on some of their comments. They looked for their books on the labelled shelves and started to read and compare contents.

These were the young authors who had worked through the writing process to get their books published. I call them authors and I see how they seem so proud of their achievement.

Knowing they had an audience, drove them to do their best, as soaked in all the mini-lessons and feedback, they worked tirelessly, to get their books here.

9 responses to “A Proud Moment”

  1. This is an awesome testimony to the power of purpose and audience, as well as identity. I LOVE that the boys identified as authors because you IDENTIFIED them as authors. What a great moment to capture!

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  2. Yes! To be published! And then to savor the glow of accomplishment!

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  3. To write and know that others will read it, that’s motivation. I love how you’ve captured this authentic joy.

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  4. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    Oh, this makes my heart smile! What a beautiful for all of you – teacher and authors!

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  5. It reminds me of myself, posting then immediately going to see if there are any comments. 😆

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  6. That panting rush was the perfect way to open this piece!

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  7. You have captured this moment so magically. I especially appreciated the alliteration of “in from the playground panting with pride to see their published…” It charges the scene with such energy!

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  8. Ha! This is a gem and a great reminder of how much influence we have on these young humans. ;0

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  9. Love this snippet from school and this line affirms the power of the moment- “It was playtime, these boys never want to lose even a minute of that sacred time.”

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