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The power of those drums. Beating in rhythm, the sound of sticks hitting the taut top that makes a boom!

The local instruments make their unique sounds and create their own rendition that instantly makes you appreciate the music and gets you tapping a foot or two.

I wonder if it is an innate reaction? As soon as the drums are banged in rhythm, wherever I am, I rock to it. The power of the tune, banging the traditional way, awakens the need to dance.

Sway / I move/ Shake a leg/ Body gyrates/ Listen to the beat/ Bop to the beating drums/ I’m moved by the true message/ Stamp my feet, when the tune changes/ The shrill voice of the instrument joins in

I was inspired partly by Kate McCarroll Moore’s page on Dance from her book Alphapoetica and used the etheree poem format that I read from a post yesterday.

Photo credit: flickr

5 responses to “Dance”

  1. I can hear the rhythm in your words

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  2. Great slice! And yes, I feel that your reaction just has to be innate. How can you hear it and not be called to move??

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  3. I also felt the rhythm in your piece. The etheree poetry pattern works really well here.

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  4. Thank you for sharing! I learned about a new poetry form. I enjoyed your poem.

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  5. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    I love this. I can feel the beat of those drums and the etheree works well with this.

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