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A Burst of Color

Black is the color we normally wear for funerals here.

Yesterday was my Uncles’s send off. We all donned our traditional black tops and long skirts, completing the attire with a black head scarf for the event. It was solemn with a little pomp as usual, for a sergeant’s send off.

We sat in the make shift pews singing the Methodist hymns, heartily . The sermon was rather long but got us thinking about our Christian journey.

For the offertory there is always melodic, choral music in our different local languages and the idea is for us to dance through the aisles and drop our notes in the tubs placed in front of the altar. A whole performance if you ask me.

As we were sitting, a beautiful lady, elegantly dressed in a large floral top with a matching long skirt appeared, her print had large patches of red and other colors. She strolled in, stole our glances and concentration, as her clothing was unusual for the ceremony. And she donned a red fascinator too! As she was unusually kitted, all eyes were on her. She was like a character at the theatre. A relative? Friend? No one could tell.

Her voice was piercing and so were her moves. She literally entertained us throughout the service, when we were meant to be prayerful. The burst of color was welcome, her animated singing dropped smiles on our solemn faces. Another memory for my box.

5 responses to “A Burst of Color”

  1. The imagery that you provide in this slice is striking! Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Your writing really brought her into my mind, and this phrase stuck with me, too: “unusually kitted”

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  3. You set the scene so well for the arrival of this “stand-out” character. Did you ever find out who she was?

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  4. I could picture this all in my mind. Great writing!

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  5. Oooooo, I loved the arrival of this guest and you captured they way she captured your attention so well. Loved this slice!


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