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Today’s Celebration

Today, the social media platforms I’m on are packed with photos, videos and a testament of Ghana’s existence since independence.

Google is celebrating Ghana’s sixty-six years of independence, with images like this .

Today, I will share a a short story (fiction). Its themes may connect with the story of Ghana’s independence.

Ama lived in a quiet, leafy village in the Ashanti region of Ghana. She lived in a thatched roof hut on the compound with her extended family.

Every morning, she completed her household chores, swept the compound, made sure there was enough water for her parents and walked the two miles to school. Her breakfast was the porridge she bought at the side of the road and ate whilst walking to school.

Ama’s father, a local cocoa farmer had buyers for his cocoa beans visit, regularly. This time, they were a friendly couple who gave Ama the opportunity to travel to the city to continue her education.

Life in the city was bustling, full market places, tarred roads, cars, electricity and flowing water. Ama had more time to study but still took her household responsibilities seriously. She was hardworking, so was successful with her education.

The couple Ama lived with, had children her age and for their secondary school education, they all attended boarding schools in a different regions. Ama made many friends, excelled and attended the University of Ghana. She worked hard and is now a lawyer in the capital city, Accra.

Ama frequently visited her parents and supported her younger relatives with their education.

Last year’s slice was about a renowned Ghanaian writer.

3 responses to “Today’s Celebration”

  1. I was writing on deadline yesterday and didn’t visit social media a single time (very rare for me!) so I missed the celebration. So glad I found your post this morning and learned something important about Ghana!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this history and for sharing your work of fiction. I want to read more about Ama, especially about her secondary years.

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  3. Ayekoooooo J! This is a slice with insight into life in such a beautiful place. Making me want to hop on a plane to grab some Ivorian chicken together. ;0


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