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She Made It

She arrived yesterday. This time we drove to her own apartment.

A few years ago she came home and decided this is where she’d retire. We all convinced her it would be a great idea to have her own space, so she can travel home as often as her work permits.

As proud as a peacocks, we walked into the freshly opened apartment block in an exclusive residential area. I felt a part of N’s new life, having managed to be part of the persuading team, that helped secure this place.

We rode up to the fifth floor and entered a calm, open plan space. Each of the bedrooms housed their own amenities.

She took me round, “This is A’s, bedroom, this is B’s bedroom and here’s mine.”

Her children would be proud too.

We visited the eighth floor pool, it is enchanting, just like a movie set. Looking around, we caught the horizon, the cluster of buildings afar and near. I could imagine the view at night.

I said to myself, “I’ll be back.”

The tour was brief, we missed visiting the gym to pry, we had to get back as the body was calling for rest.

The time difference was taking its toll and N had to rest as a result of jet lag. I left feeling a sense of accomplishment, even though this was not mine, I felt we were all part of the acquisition.

2 responses to “She Made It”

  1. This sounds like such a peaceful spot with just the right spaces and amenities.

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  2. Your description of the 8th floor really captured the sense of accomplishment. “Proud as peacocks” indeed!

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