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“Trust and vulnerability grow together, and to betray one is to destroy both,” Brené Brown dare to lead Page 34

At my book club we are now reading dare to lead by Brené Brown. Another profound discussion took place this evening. We worked to shred the meaning of the keywords to pieces, sharing our own lived experiences.I made a quick connection to the parent, teacher relationship, especially, as we had our student-led conferences today.

I decided to write an acrostic poem , in the hope of demonstrating my grasp of the topic;

Trying our best to help them succeed

Reaching out to help them grow

Understanding their learning styles and needs

Staying on course, teaching skills, covering standards

Treating parents to a taste of their learning

3 responses to “Trust”

  1. I have only done student-led conferences at an international school. Do you find it takes a lot more preparation with the students and / or less preparation to assemble the evidence to form an narrative on your own?

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    1. Evidence of students’ learning can be reflected on and collected at the end of every unit. This helps make the pieces current and meaningful it also takes away the load of work just before the conference.


  2. Great quote to start your slice. I love how you applied what you learned from your book club to your practice and then in the form of poetry. Trust is the foundation.

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