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Purchases to Go

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Ripe, juicy oranges, neatly peeled ready to be consumed. That was my first purchase. I bought enough for the evening.We just use it as it is and cut it up into sections.

Bought from a hawker, waiting in the warm traffic. Where I live. there are many hawkers, they sell all sorts. Stacked wares on large trays, balanced on heads for hours. A skill only they have. Moving without touching their piled trays. You are assured of the fruits in season as you move. A walking mall, tempting impulse purchases, healthy choices if you ask me.

Driving down I spotted a stall beside the road where a lady boiling corn was stirring a huge pot. I shouted out when I saw the corn on the cob for sale. This confirmed the announcement of the rainy season, as corn is harvested then. Corn of the cob boiled and sold in its leaves as a snack, is very popular when in season.

Boiled corn is eaten with the hard coconut pieces, the type used when desiccating. It is a surprising combination but works and tastes as if they were made for each other. So, for most of the year this treat is missed. That is why I jumped for joy when I could buy a few.

For dinner I needed avocado for my salad. The ones we have here are large and buttery, especially trusting the expertise of the fruit/vegetable sellers who can tell you by touching them daintily when it will be ripe enough to eat.

“This one is for today, keep that one for tomorrow,” they’d convince.

With my collection in my basket, traffic allowing, my homeward bound continued.

7 responses to “Purchases to Go”

  1. That is certainly not how I shop, but it really sounds like a good way to “pick up dinner” that is fresh and ready to go. The corn sounds amazing.

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  2. What a vivid description! I was right there with you on the street, weaving through the hawkers and buying the freshest of produce. What a great slice!

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  3. I felt like I was right there beside you, checking for the freshest, in-season produce, from the hawkers. While we didn’t have many hawkers in Manhattan, I remember lots of bodegas where I could go to buy whatever I needed for that night’s dinner. It was so easy to do that on my walk home from work. Now I have to drive to a store or a local farmer’s market.

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  4. I enjoyed this so much, I felt as if I was on a trip experiencing this myself! I love how you felt so joyful at the seasonal treats appearing, and I just loved the delicate and expert touch on the avocados.

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  5. So many delicacies! Your vivid descriptions had me right there. Thanks for taking me along.

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  6. What a delectable slice! The movement of your lines carried me through the market with you.

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  7. So fun to join you on this trip. Your descriptions made me feel like I was there.


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